Fedora 26 KDE Edition

Currently installing Fedora 26 KDE Edition on my work-from-home Lenovo Thinkpad W530. This is a big leap for me! I’ve been on Mint for a long time and the Debian way it pretty much ingrained. Let’s see how it goes!
Well the Anaconda Installer has completed and is telling me that things worked out. It’s saying that

“Go ahead and reboot to start using it!”

Let’s see what happens.


I set up a new KVM-QEMU hypervisor on an unused Alienware laptop from work. Until I can get my hands on a machine with more oompf I have this – it’s a Pentium i7 with 32 GB of RAM. 512GB SSD too …
So anyway I’ve had a mail and web server running on Virtualbox on my work-from-home workstation for quite some time (ironically it had been converted to vdi from raw that was running on a previous KVM hypervisor) and now it was time to send this vm back to KVM.
Converting the image back turned out to be much easier than I thought it would have been.

qemu-img convert -f vdi -O qcow2 vm.vdi vm.qcow2

was all it took. I then set up the vm as a new using an imported image. Voila!
(this site is hosted on that vm btw)

What are things? C’est quand bientôt?

What is soon? When is tomorrow?
Can we go to the park?
Can I take off my shoes?
Are you stronger than a lion dad?
Are you tougher than a dragon?
Carry me up dad!
Carry me!
On your shoulders! carry me up papa!

“ok mais tu peut pas me tirer les cheveux ni me couvrir les yeux!”

Are we going home now dad?
Can we go to the park after supper?
Can we go for a bike ride?
Can you fight a bear in the bush dad?
Can you take on a robber dad?
Buy me a candyegg dad!
Bring me!
To the moon! On a journey papa! Continue reading “What are things? C’est quand bientôt?”

Beren and Lúthien

Reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s posthumously published (edited by his now very advanced-in-years son, Christopher) Beren and Lúthien, brings me to ancient places I haven’t been to for ages, secret woodland paths and caves by rivers and cascades – it’s also a retelling of the legends of peoples, love, war and heroism.


Beren turns out the be a wild and noble-man, driven from hiding in the wilderness with his kinfolk by the Evil-One. Alone, lost, hungry, he stumbles into elf-country and encounters the princess of the woodland elves; smitten by the saintly vision and her singing voice he compares her to the Nightingale ‘Tinuviel’ … who in turn feels joy at now being chased through the woods by this charming swarthy brute. A love story ensues as the young man ties his fate to that of the woodland fairy; in exchange for her hand in marriage the elf king demands a silmaril from Morgoth’s crown, surely a death-sentence to anyone tasked with the quest.
Beren is captured by the Evil-One’s cat(Sauron) while attempting to enter the Dark Fortress. After failing to rouse interest in rescuing Beren, Lúthien takes it upon herself to free Beren from the cats. She manages to befriend a giant mythical dog who gets the cat and rescues her mountain-man. She then uses her enchantress-cloak to get into the palace and put the lullabies on the Evil-One and all his court. While all are asleep, Beren and Lúthien make off with one of the silmarils! Only to be intercepted by a giant wolf who bites off Beren’s hand, still clutching the jewel. He almost dies, they return empty-handed(?!) and so a war begins of the Orc armies unleashed on Beleriand. After a quick recovery, Beren and his companions slay the wolf, retrieve the silmaril and defeat the orc armies. He dies.
Lúthien Tinuviel works some final magic and descends alive down into Mandos Hall (Hades) to resurrect her beloved Beren from the dead. The Reaper allows their return to the world of the living, but on condition that Lúthien give up her elvish near-immortality and join her man in mortal life.

In this book Christopher Tolkien brilliantly pieces together the journey of his father’s creation of a mythology all his own. Legends and mythologies go through metamorphoses and the origins of ancient languages of people in another world are revealed.

April 28th Yay! It’s FRIDAY

I’m happy it’s Friday. Plus I got paid today. That’s always nice. Looks like the sun is shining too which is more than what I was expecting from the weather today in terms of making me happy. But…
Apparently it’s going to be a day of interruptions with the RO’s visiting. I’ll try to be pleasant as best as I can.

April 27th

This was the first really warm day of 2017 here (where it hit about 26 degrees Celcius) – I feel a bit sad for people in my hometown of Thunder Bay where they have been experiencing an ice-storm. Oh well…

I was sick though and worked from home. I kept my girl with me rather than get up early and drive her to the daycare. That’s alright though, she plays, watches movies, and bothers me in her delightful little way when I keep her at home on a WFH day.

Later we went to the park to enjoy the weather. She rode her bike but I had to tell her to take it easy on her poor old dad (who isn’t feeling well) and for the most part she did, not riding to quickly and then slowing down when I had to call ahead for her to slow down. Once again, a couple times today, looking at her I realized how quickly she is growing up. How quickly time passes and in the busyness of life we often fail to notice it.