New Light Shroud for Meade Lightbridge

This weekend I decided to revisit Fabricland for someĀ  material to make a light shroud.

I settled for some black fabric called ‘Sleek Suede’ that cost me under 10 bucks. Strong, heavy and stretchy, this material immediately jumped out at me as the ideal stuff for the light shroud on a dobsonian telescope.

First I cut the material I had purchased to a 27″ by 38″ rectancle. Along one long edge (the side that would be sewn to the other to make the open tube shape of the light shroud) I pinned a hem with safety pins. Once this was done I got busy with the sewing. I used white thread for the contrast with the black fabric. (just kidding, I used white thread because that’s all I really have)

See the pictures in this gallery to get an idea of the light shroud I made for my scope.

Also pictured is the cover for my secondary mirror I made out of a cleaned, empty plastic jar of Resolve. Made some carefully drawn lines to saw down on the container and now it fits over the spider veins of the secondary mirror quite nicely, and screwing the cap back on secures the whole thing nicely.

Clear Skies!

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