M42 Orion Nebula

After we got home from watching Frozen 2 at the theatre, we saw the sky was clear so out came the scope. Fortunately, very few neighbours with their porch lights on. A very quick tour of the sky (given the cold) the Pleiades, then Double Cluster, M31, and then the Orion Nebula. My photo simply doesn’t do it justice to viewing at the eyepiece.

Bear in mind this is taken with a Samsung phone camera, looking through the 26mm ep on my 10″ Meade Lightbridge plus. In very bad light pollution, to top it all off.

Afterwards I hunted around in Taurus for the Crab Nebula but couldn’t find it, thanks to the light pollution of my urban sky.

Here is a gallery of Orion Nebula photos I’ve taken so far.

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