alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, Audacity and Youtube

I love to listen to great music loud in my car. But I don’t have Youtube (nor do I want it) in my car. So, my solution is to record great music off of youtube with a fantastic application called Audacity. I do this sometimes in the evenings, with nothing else to do around my house like laundry or dishes. I can sit down and find an 80’s smash hit that I haven’t heard in 20 years, record it via Audacity to MP3 and then put it on USB which I can play in my car. Here is the problem. This wonderful funtionality recently broke. Let me explain.

My home Desktop Operating-System is an Arch-based distro called Manjaro. I recently upgraded it the to most recent version, Manjaro 18.0 -codename Illyria- but to my dismay found I could no longer record from my browser to Audacity. A quick google-search revealed others who had the same problem. Two new packages in the most recent build of my OS were the culprits, namely, alsa-lib and alsa-plugins. (ALSA is ‘Advanced Linux Sound Architecture’) and along with Pulsaudio delivers audio functionality to the linux desktop. The new versions of these (alsa-lib-1.1.7-1 and alsa-plugins-1.1.7-3) broke Audacity’s ability to record audio!

I hummed and haaa’d. I fretted. I realized that I’d have to download the old versions of these from the Archlinux Package Archive, found here. (under /packages/a, of course).

Once downloaded, I installed them:

sudo pacman -U alsa-lib-1.1.6-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz


sudo pacman -U alsa-plugins-1.1.6-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

Now, the only other thing that worried me was patching. The next time I went to install updates on my OS, I was going to run into the problem of pacman upgrading both of these again and breaking everything (possibly, if a new version hasn’t fixed the problem?)

Not to worry!

I added the following to /etc/pacman.conf

IgnorePkg = alsa-lib
IgnorePkg = alsa-plugins

And that’s it. Now pacman will ignore updates for those two packages. If only it was this easy for all operating-systems 😉

BTW, I thought I’d end this with a link to some truly great music that can be found on youtube.

click here

You’re welcome.

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