Oyster Mushrooms from Forest to Table

Saturday September 8th, I decided to head back to Gatineau Park with Sophia to see if we could find some of those amazing mushrooms we had spotted the previous weekend. This time, I brought my backpack and a couple of containers to stash mushrooms in if we found them. After doing some research after last weekends adventure, I had learned that some of the mushrooms we found were oyster mushrooms, while others were chanterelles and boletes. I was particularly excited to find chanterelles again, as I had never tried these. We searched and searched, but didn’t find any. We did find oyster mushrooms however. I’d say I ended up gathering close to a kilogram of these.
See the picture gallery in this post for these and the dinner I made with them after.

Oyster mushrooms are actually considered a superfood! see this article:

Oyster mushrooms with garlic and chives in a white-wine butter sauce.

Cleaned the mushrooms under water, then cut off the bottoms of their stalks which still had dirt attached. Dried them off with paper towel.

In a wok, melted about 4 tablespoons of butter, added the garlic and chives, salt and pepper.

Added the mushrooms and sautéed them with a splash (more like an ounce) of white wine. (some Portuguese vinho verde I had in the fridge).

Served these with a ribeye steak I grilled on the BBQ and fetuccini alfredo. (see pics)[foogallery id=”247″]

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