Is coffee hurting my elbows?

I started making some serious progress in regaining lost strength this past Spring, when I started up the gym again.
I think I overdid it, because by June my old friend tendonitis started creeping back in. At first it was a minor annoyance that I barely noticed, but after a while it grew into something that became a major detriment to my workouts. In June I also started a new job as a sysadmin at Bell Canada. What I had noticed is my lessened need for coffee. Doing my workouts in the morning seemed to get me going and kept me feeling awake throughout the day. Before long, I had reduced my coffee intake to one cup a week (an espresso) – whereas before I had been consuming 3- 4 coffees daily.

In July the tendonitis (tendonosis??) in my left elbow had gotten so bad again that I decided to take a break. This also coincided with a week-long visit from my mother. I started up my daily coffee habit again. In all, I took about 4 weeks off from the gym. I thought this was going to heal my pain, in fact, I think it did the opposite. To my utter disbelief, I actually developed tennis-elbow in my right arm! I’ve read a few articles online that all seem to hint at a connection between coffee and joint pain.

This morning, after 4 weeks off, I went to the gym. I have not had a coffee yet today. We’ll see how it goes.

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