Distro Shuffle. The perfect KDE Plasma

Over the last few weeks I’ve grown increasingly tired of Fedora. Sorry. Just too much breaking, too much instability. I miss Linux Mint. I fired up Linux Mint 18.3 KDE edition and did a clean install. To my dismay, I discovered that setting up a ‘Cisco Anyconnect Compatible VPN (openconnect)’ still doesn’t work. I had noticed this in the previous release of Mint. Ok, the usual googling around for 10 – 15 minutes didn’t yield much. There’s an Archlinux Forum post, a few Ubuntu forum discussions and not much in the way of success. Then I remembered that I had saved a text file in my Documents folder to note how I had fixed it the last time. Two packages that had to be installed:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome network-manager-openconnect

This fixed the problem. I can now connect to my office’s Cisco Anyconnect VPN service. I should note, and one thing I actually liked about Fedora, is that this worked out of the box. Why isn’t Mint packaging this by default? I also recently tried Manjaro-KDE and was pleasantly surprised that this just worked on that distro as well. I actually found lots I liked on Manjaro, except for the strange fact that I couldn’t get multiple monitors working. After much playing with xrandr and breaking xorg.conf, I still couldn’t get it. But that will be another post.

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  1. Went back to Manjaro with my work computer yesterday. Everything seems pretty smooth, nvidia driver installed, multiple monitors (my desk at work is two twin viewsonics and the laptop screen) pacman an AUR are doing wonders. The whole system is a LUKS encrypted volume, a half-terabyte – more than enough for me. Manjaro is fast and responsive on Lenovo W540.
    I’m still ironing out a few wrinkles, like selective WiFi (no 5G). Everything else is fine, Remmina is stable. Virt-Manager is a very recent build and loaded with new surprises. I think I’ll stick with this distro for a bit.

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