Letsencrypt ssl Certificate HTTPS pfSense Webgui

I was just starting to settle in and get comfortable with the configuration of my shiny brand-new pfsense home firewall/gateway. In no time I had had enough of the ssl warning for the login page. I had already installed the acme package to facilitate getting Letsencrypt certs as needed.
At first I ran into trouble trying to get a cert for the login page. It kept failing. Webroot local folder wasn’t working for me so then I tried standalone HTTP server. Here, I felt I was on the right track but something was still off. Then it struck me. I had NAT rules enabled for my webserver that were messing with it since port 80 and port 443 are natted to those ports on the lan webserver, NOT the WAN interface! Disabled the NAT rules and tried it again and VOILA! One valid Letsencrypt cert for the pfSense webgui login-page!

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