New Firewall

pfSense What can I say? So much more to learn.
Up until now I had been using ClearOS as my home gateway/firewall solution. In contrast to pfSense, it now seems very…amateur-hour.
There seems to be so much to explore; it’s loaded with so many features it makes your head spin. Very impressive for an open-source, non-commercial firewall. I love the fact that it’s built on FreeBSD. I can SSH to it and do stuff with it there at that level, such as run tcpdump on the outside interface if I want. Or the inside interface. I can install packages. I did a

sudo pkg install htop

and it installed htop! I didn’t even know they had htop for BSD. Again, impressive. When I tried the same thing on OPNsense it didn’t work. Not that I’m suggesting that OPNsense is a lesser product – I’m sure there’s a valid reason installing htop on it that way didn’t work. I may give that pfSense spinoff another run at some point.

Here is the pfSense Dashboard

Sure the OPNsense webgui is a bit prettier. I may give it another go at some point. Playing with firewalls. What else should I be doing with my free time?

à bientôt


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