Fedora 26 KDE Edition

Currently installing Fedora 26 KDE Edition on my work-from-home Lenovo Thinkpad W530. This is a big leap for me! I’ve been on Mint for a long time and the Debian way it pretty much ingrained. Let’s see how it goes!
Well the Anaconda Installer has completed and is telling me that things worked out. It’s saying that

“Go ahead and reboot to start using it!”

Let’s see what happens.

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  1. Tried again. Something is making me feel it looks cheap. Anyway, things seem ok so far.
    One nice thing is setting up my VPN connection to the office works out-of-the-box. CISCO Anyconnect VPN connection FTW.

    Should I switch to the proprietary nvidia driver? How well will Virtualbox work?

    Let’s find out!!

  2. I lied. I mean…I was wrong. It works.
    Everything seems to be working fine. HOLY SHIT.
    I may just stay with nouveau

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