April 27th

This was the first really warm day of 2017 here (where it hit about 26 degrees Celcius) – I feel a bit sad for people in my hometown of Thunder Bay where they have been experiencing an ice-storm. Oh well…

I was sick though and worked from home. I kept my girl with me rather than get up early and drive her to the daycare. That’s alright though, she plays, watches movies, and bothers me in her delightful little way when I keep her at home on a WFH day.

Later we went to the park to enjoy the weather. She rode her bike but I had to tell her to take it easy on her poor old dad (who isn’t feeling well) and for the most part she did, not riding to quickly and then slowing down when I had to call ahead for her to slow down. Once again, a couple times today, looking at her I realized how quickly she is growing up. How quickly time passes and in the busyness of life we often fail to notice it.

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